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Log in to Cyph
Open app or navigate to

Go to Vault

Go to Files

If you do not have files:
Click the Upload (up arrow) in the center of the page
Click the Upload (up arrow) in the lower right of the page (purple)
Drag a file into the Files window (onto the upload arrow in the center of the page)

Once a file is uploaded:
You may Download the file by clicking it's name or the Download (cloud down arrow) button
Share the file with a Cyph user from your contacts list
Share the file externally with a public link -or- delete an already created public file link
Delete the file

You may sort by:
Created Date
Size of File
Shared By (if a file has been shared with you, this field will be populated), otherwise it will have a "–"

You may add folders by clicking the folder with a + symbol

Updated on: 05/24/2023

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