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Receiving Anonymous Messages

To use this feature, you will need to have Anonymous Messages enabled in Settings.

To check to make sure this feature is enabled:

Log in to Cyph
Open app or navigate to

Select Settings

Select the drop-down next to Enable/Disable Features

Make sure the slider for Anonymous Inbox is turned to the On position (purple slider)
To turn it off, move the slider to the Off position (gray slider)

To check your Anonymous Inbox, just go to Messaging.

The Anonymous Inbox is opened immediately upon selecting it.

NOTE: If you don't have any anonymous messages, you will see: You have no messages.

You can SEND an anonymous message to someone that you know, if they have the feature enabled, by going to the following URL: username.

Replace username with the username of the user, such as

NOTE: If you are logged in, it will just take you to the profile of the user. This will be considered a "normal message".

To send an Anonymous Message:

Once you have gone to the url of the user, select the Envelope Icon (New Message)

Provide the requested information to send a message
Phone Number

Send message

Updated on: 05/24/2023

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