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Burner is a feature that allows instantly calling or chatting with non-Cyph-users. Anyone you chat with can remain anonymous, Cyph's end-to-end encrypted Castle messaging is still used, and the contents of a session are lost forever as soon as you close it.

How To Start a Burner Session

  1. Log in to Cyph

    1. Open app or navigate to

  2. Go to Messaging

    1. If on mobile, go to Contacts

  3. Go to New Burner Chat, located at the top of the contacts list

  4. Send the link displayed to someone you want to communicate securely with

  5. Once someone navigates to the link you provide, a secure connection will establish

  6. Once connected, you can chat, use video call, and send files (up to 100 MB on Desktop, up to 25 MB on mobile).

    1. By selecting the "+" symbol, and selecting the "?" button, you can find Markdown Formatting suggestions

  7. Once you are done with your Burner session, you may click the "+" symbol and then the "x" symbol, or simply just close the tab/window that the Burner session is contained in, to end the communication

    1. Note: By closing the Burner session, you will lose your session and all information contained within will be gone forever; the person you shared the conversation with will retain the information until they close the tab/window on their device

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