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Social Feed

  1. Log in to Cyph
    1. Open app or navigate to
  2. Go to Social
  3. You may "like" posts by clicking the "smiley" button
  4. You may "repost" by clicking the repost button
  5. You may share using the share button, via:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Reddit
    4. LinkedIn
    5. Email
    6. URL
    7. Messaging
    8. Pinterest
    9. Tumblr
    10. Mix
    11. VK
    12. WhatsApp
    13. Telegram
    14. Messenger (Facebook)
    15. XING
    16. Line
  6. By selecting the Date/Time link, you can get a permanent link to the post
    1. If you have selected "Inner Circle" upon creation, the post(s) will not be visible to the public and only to people you have designated as "Inner Circle"
    2. It will result in an error:
      1. Loading Cyph failed. Please try again later.
    3. NOTE: Links can only be viewed by logged in users if set to Public
  7. You may also select the "..." at the top of a post you have submitted and edit/delete the post
  8. Selecting the down carat, you can view/create comments on posts
    1. This also allows you to edit/delete comments you have submitted
  9. Deleted posts will appear as [deleted] and cannot be recovered

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