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  1. Setup / Join a Burner session from a temporary URL
    1. Burner
  2. Select the "call" button (or "+" symbol on mobile) and give the app/browser permissions when it asks for them
  3. You will also be prompted about Cyph Calls
    1. "You are about to initiate an encrypted video call. This may involve sharing your IP address with your friend. Proceed if you trust your friend. Continue?"
    2. NOTE: Clicking continue allows you to proceed, but may share your IP, which may be considered identifiable information to some
  4. Once the call is connected, you can disconnect by using the Red End Call button.

In-page features

  1. Gear Wheel
    1. You can select which Microphone, Camera and Speakers/Headphones are used
  2. Push-to-Talk Button
    1. Only available on modern browsers and not mobile devices, you can switch this on mute your mic unless your cursor/mouse is hovering over the microphone icon
  3. Start/Stop Video Button
    1. Starts and stops video from being sent from a call
    2. If stopped, the recipient of video will receive a "Video Offline" notice on their screen
  4. Mute/Un-mute Microphone Button
    1. Mutes and Un-mutes microphone from being sent from a call
  5. End Call Button
    1. This will end the call for both participants

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