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Locked Out of Account

Cyph takes extreme measures to protect your data. Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to you getting locked out of your own account. Here are the methods and options we have for recovery, depending on your scenario.

Are you entering the correct password / master key?

Be sure you're not mixing up the lock screen password/PIN and master key and that they're being entered correctly.

If you're unlocking a session, be sure you're using your PIN, lock screen password, or biometrics.

If you're signing into a new session, use your paper master key.

The master key is case and whitespace sensitive; if you used a generated key, it should be all lowercase with spaces between each word.

Are you still logged in anywhere?

If you're still authenticated on another device, good news!

You can sign into new sessions using the activation code.

If you don't have your master key anymore we also recommend updating it right away.

Still locked out with no master key or signed in sessions?

By design only you can access your private data, so if your master key is lost and you're no longer signed in, there's nothing that we can do to unlock it for you.

The only option at this point would be an account reset.

You'd be able to recreate your account with the same username, however all your private data will be lost.

Updated on: 05/24/2023

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